About us

Charity shops raising money for people living with HIV

Wandsworth Oasis raises money through its 7 charity shops in the borough of Wandsworth for projects that support local people living with HIV and awareness raising and HIV prevention activities.  We do not work directly with people living with HIV, preferring to focus on our expertise - charity shops and community fundraising events.  The money we raise supports other charities and we concentrate on raising as much money as possible for these fantastic organisations from donations to our charity shops.  We have distributed grants in excess of £350,00 over the last ten years.

The charities we help to fund cover all area of HIV care including counseling and peer support, nutrition advice, information provision and awareness raising projects.  

Here is a breakdown of our funding over the last 10 years.

Wandsworth Oasis AIDS Support £90,000
Mildmay Mission Hospice £43,793
Foodchain £40,500
Children with AIDS Charity (CWAC) £18,145
Salvation Army (UK AIDS support) £14,255
The CARA Trust £11,500
Community support in kind £10,000
Salvation Army (Wandsworth AIDS support) £ 6,000
Courtyard Clinic (St George’s NHS Tooting) £ 4,250
Positively UK £ 3,000
North London Oasis £ 3,000
NAM £ 3,000
LEAT £ 2,820
The Level (IT drop in) £ 1,000