About us

Donate to a charity shop, don't dump...

Donate your unwanted items to us rather than taking them to the local tip.  

We're passionate about recycling, upcycling, restyling and resparkling.  Each year we stop thousands of tonnes of household objects and textiles going into landfill.

We try really hard to give every item we are donated a new home – through sales in our shops or at local street festivals; online (Ebay and other reseller sites); at auction or  through professional commercial recyclers.

Recycling is our watchword

We recycle clothing, books, household items, and electricals and choose our partners carefully to ensure they have the same value set as we do.

We have a fun and creative approach to recycling and are always looking for partnerships and opportunities in the community that will help us to reduce the amount of waste we produce whilst helping other people at the same time.