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Wandsworth Fringe Event: My Late Plate by Silvia Ziranek Events

Passed Event

Artist in Residence - Silvia Ziranek - presents My Late Plate 

Artist Silvia Ziranek occupies Wandsworth Oasis (Tooting) Charity Shop for one day only as artist-in-residence.

This innovative event combines quality with curiosity: marvellous unwanted items are donated to the sales room, be it a discarded bed headstead, an assortment of unmatching saucers, the odd tambourine, one random neon guy rope, all for sale at bargain prices and in a clean state and working order (if need be).

Ziranek, briefly in situ, meanders through and blends in with and stands out from, assumes the air of, doubles up as - what? - a hat stand?! a mixing bowl?! a personal collection of well read minor classics from the early 60s (with illustrations)?! an eager client on the look out for a comfy fireside seating arrangement?!

All items were thoughtfully bought and considerately given; at Oasis they regain their novelty and are offered up for sale once again, the profit directed towards awareness of a critical condition; this information feeds in to the entire event of a witty, tender, quirky, visual, verbal, gently physical nature.

Come for 10 minutes and stay for 10 minutes, come for 30 and stay an hour.