Buy at least one preloved Christmas present this year... 

Walking along the high street shop windows are filled with glittery Christmas stuff: clothing, cosmetics and jewellery - all displayed to attract the Christmas shoppers. “Who actually needs half of these items?”. "Is a successful and happy Christmas dependent on the metal shade of wrapping paper, triple-packed cookies transported from the other side of the earth or a target number of gifts received per person?" Christmas spirit is made from much more important ingredients than those listed above.  There is so much consumerism.

Can we have a greener Christmas this year?  We can change the glossy, non-recyclable wrapping paper to beautiful gift boxes that are also environmentally friendly. We can buy a preloved gift from a charity shop or antique shop - smaller and more personal perhaps with a story behind it. Preused can be really unique and can satisfy especially those who seem to have it all.  And it does double good - helps to save the planet and to raise money for a good cause.  

All change is driven by individuals. Small good deeds add up, turning into movements when there are enough individuals sharing the cause. Play your part. 


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