NHTW green square genericThe annual National HIV Testing Week (NHTW) promotes HIV testing to gay and bisexual men and black African men and women. These groups make up seven out of 10 people in the UK living with HIV.  Wandsworth Oasis is a local charity that supports vulnerable people living with HIV and HIV awareness and prevention initiatives.  

It raises awareness of the importance of HIV testing, as well as increasing opportunities to test – be it in clinical settings, in primary care, through community-based rapid testing or via postal testing. The ultimate goal is to increase regular HIV testing in the most affected groups.  Since 2014 Wandsworth Oasis has offered HIV Testing during this national awareness week in its charity shop in Tooting as part of its awareness raising activities and to offer a non-medical, non-judgemental venue to help normalise HIV testing.

The first legally approved CE marked HIV Self Test, BioSURE HIV Self Test is a rapid test proven to be over 99.7% accurate. It allows you to discreetly determine your HIV status in a place that you choose and at a time that is convenient to you. Our HIV test is extremely easy to perform, requires only a tiny drop of blood and gives a clear and simple to read result in just 15 minutes. The test which normally retails at £29.99 will be available in all Wandsworth Oasis charity shops across South West London free of charge during HIV Testing Week, subject to availability.